Explore your fetishes, kinks, BDSM, and submissive desires with Mistress Lexi.

Mistress Lexi is available in Seattle, WA for newbies, fetishists and kinky submissives to worship and adore her. If you're interested in an online Femdom for online training and domination, visit my other site.  Having a Dominatrix can give you the freedom to explore your fetishes and many have fetishes including submissive desires that they have trouble sharing or enjoying with their primary partners.  Since we all are engaged in having control over every aspect of our life, it can be difficult to let go and for some, give up that sense of control that society has always taught them to hold onto. But trying to remain calm, cool and collected all of the time can get extremely exhausting and overwhelming, so breaking into roleplay brings about a sense of relief and a wonderful gateway through escapism, and for some, another form of self-care. It is my job to turn fantasies into a reality and provide a safe space for you to explore. I won't shame you for your interests or boundaries, kinks or fetishes. For the time we spend together, whether I'm bossing you around or degrading you, using you as my personal pay pig, you will be safe.

Explore your kinks, fetishes, BDSM and submissive desires

Service submission

Do you enjoy performing tasks and chores for a dominant woman and getting praise when you've done a good job?  I have some chores that I need doing, come make my life easier and serve me.

Humiliation and degradation

Does it get you excited just thinking of a bratty and powerful woman making you feel humiliated and blushing?  Making you do naughty and disgusting things for her, or being treated like a piece of furniture and being her human foot-stool.

Sissy and feminization fantasies

Sissy men have a special place in my heart.  If you like the idea of wearing panties or need help from a woman encouraging and making you feel comfortable with your girly fantasies you should talk to Miss Lexi. 

Seattle foot fetish & foot worship sessions

Are you in the Seattle area and do you have a foot fetish?  Are you ready to worship my feet?

Seattle foot worship sessions.

Tribute is $250 for 1 hour of my time and $150 for each additional hour.
Sessions at my Downtown rendezvous location.  No last minute scheduling.  Must schedule several days in advance.

About Dominatrix Lexi

I enjoy couples, men, and women. Someone who has a fetish of any kind typically likes to worship my body and objects I present to them. Some fetishes include my feet, sexy footwear, stockings as well as whatever they may buy me off my wishlist or specific items they want me to wear for them during our time together. Submissives, on the other hand, enjoy being told what do do, sometimes being humiliated or objectified. They like the idea of a woman telling them what to do, what they can and can’t have, how they can serve me of course in a loving yet demanding manner. Everyone has their own style, requests, and tastes as well as boundaries that I humbly abide by.

I enjoy teasing and talking dirty like most Mistresses do, as it involves stimulation to the mind and feeds our imaginations. I relish the thought of being a bossy school teacher and punishing you for not doing your homework on time, or watching you in your chastity belt, just getting hard at the sight of me and not being able to do anything about it! Another reason you can trust me is that I have been a sex worker for the past 5 years of my life. I’ve worked in public clubs and have given couples hot and heavy lapdances, as well as let men enjoy my feet after I have been wearing my heels for hours at a time. Nothing fazes me and I am a very open person. (The only limits I have are simply excrement and blood play.) I pride myself on giving quality entertainment and I enjoy playing with people of all ages, races, and types. I am bisexual and do not have any issues with any type of identifying person, straight, gay, trans, queer. Whether you are into the lifestyle of kink or not. You can be a doctor, lawyer, professor, business executive, working at a grocery store, or even a student! You can feel safe knowing that I will never make you feel less than or shameful about whatever you tell me.

Dressing up in Mistress attire and fetish wear puts me into character and makes me feel gorgeous! It is one of the most exciting parts of being a Mistress and a girl. I enjoy wearing thigh-high boots, anything leather or shiny black material, stiletto heels by Pleaser (Size 8), fishnet stockings, seamed hosiery, colorful thigh-high/knee-high socks, lacy lingerie and costumes. Let me know if you would like to buy me an outfit so I can look at the weblink and let you know what size I would wear!